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Full Pricing Guide!

What Are Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are one of the most commonly searched for car parts in the world. Also many people dont know where to buy wheel bearings Due to their importance theres no wonder, wheel bearings allow the wheels to move freely on the car and without the wheels it goes without saying your not getting very far.

This is the reason why if your wheel bearings go its in your best interst to get them replaced as soon as possible. But where can you buy wheel bearings? That ones simple, here!

Where Can You Buy Wheel Bearings

At Spares Hut one of the many things we are always complimented on is our price and best believe our wheel bearings & hub kits are no different. Here we offer a huge range of wheel bearings and hubs as well as full wheel bearing kits for any vehicle make or model.

How Much Do Wheel Bearings Cost

So how much do they cost? This fully depends on multiple factors such as the size, what car its for, the age of the car or how many you need. One thing we can promise is your getting a low price guarentee compared to other online auto parts stores out there. The average price of our wheel bearings is about £25 for one or £40 for both sides. Its important to note this is an average price which may vary depending on your vehicle. So if your wheel bearings ever fail, take a look at our store to see if we have what you need.