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The coolant expansion tank is a reservoir responsible for catching and storing the overspill from the coolant system. Coolant is made up of antifreeze and water, its job is to stop the engine from overheating. It does this by passing through the cooling system. As it circulates through, the liquid gets heated inside the radiator and when a certain temperature is reached it expands and spills out of the radiator. This is where the expansion tank catches any excess coolant to ensure it keeps necessary levels in the system. 

There are quite a few ways you can diagnose an issue with your coolant expansion tank. A couple of the most common symptoms include:

  • The coolant being pushed out of the expansion tank
  • Engine overheating randomly 
Faults can be caused by many different reasons, the most common is looseness in the housing. Often, it can lose tightness by contact exposure to high temperatures. If you notice an issue with your coolant expansion tank don't worry as we have you covered. Here, at Spares Hut we offer a huge range of car parts including coolant reservoir tanks at the cheapest prices and best quality online. What's even better is you will get free next day delivery if you order before 2 pm.