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The Airbag squib also known as the clock spring is a component located behind your car's steering wheel. The main job of your airbag squib is to allow connection to all electronic components within the steering wheel while still allowing it to move freely. 

Clock springs can be very expensive to replace with the average replacement cost being around £200. This pricey expense is the reason you must be able to diagnose an issue with your clock spring. The key things to look out for are:

  • The steering wheel is harder to turn
  • Airbag warning light
  • Odd noises coming from inside the steering wheel 
  • The buttons not working on the steering wheel
If you do end up noticing something wrong, it is crucial you get a replacement airbag squib immediately. This is because it's a crucial part responsible for your safety while driving. Luckily, here we have a huge range of brand new clock springs at the cheapest prices available and free next day delivery. Check out our huge range below or use our intelligent search to find the part for your car.