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What Causes Wheel Bearings To Go BAD | Spares Hut

Why Wheel Bearings Fail

Wheel bearings are a crucial part of the car's suspension system. If you wish to buy wheel bearings online you wont find it hard as they are one of the most commonly searched for car parts. This is for a very good reason as they allow the wheels to turn without resistance. They are made up of a metal shell, steel ball bearings, and an inner and outer race.

As they are one of the most used and searched for car parts, its no surprise they are very prone to failing or going bad. But how does this happen and how can you prevent it. 

Red failure cross on image of wheel bearing

How Do Wheel Bearings Fail

Wheel bearings can fail because of many different reasons, including dirt, water, too much weight on one side of the vehicle, and also its important to check the average life of a wheel bearing so you can get them checked at the right time.

The most common cause for wheel bearing failure is due to rusting or corrosion of the bearing races, which is caused by water or salt getting on them. The other reason for bearing failure can be due to improper installation or overloading the vehicle with heavy cargo.

What to do if they fail 

What can you do if your wheel bearings fail? There is multiple options you can go for if something happens to your bearings. One of the most common and our personal favourite to do is buy them online. Theres multiple auto part stores out there but we reccommend you buy from Spares Hut. This is due to a number of reasons which include our amazing replacement wheel bearing cost, the huge range we have and next day delivery across the UK.  


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