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The windscreen washer pump does exactly what you would expect from such a car part. It allows the windshield washer fluid to flow to the nozzles ready for cleaning. It all works due to pressure which builds up due to a motor connected to the pumps. This then allows the fluid to flow through the system to the reservoir. 

Sometimes you might find that your pumps aren't working. This is usually due to too much pressure, a blown fuse, a system overload or corrosion. These failures usually occur on a common basis, this is why it's crucial to be able to identify an issue.  A few of the main common symptoms of washer pump failure include:

  • Odd sounds when trying to clean windows
  • No fluid at all when trying to clean your windows
  • Uneven spray, odd streaks, lines etc
If you have noticed any of these symptoms it is extremely likely your pumps are bad, and no one wants dirty windows. Don't worry though as you can buy replacement windscreen washer pumps here at the lowest prices online. Also, as we are based in the UK we aim to deliver the very next day to all UK customs. So check out our huge range of quality windscreen washer pumps below or in our intelligent search to find the part for your vehicle.