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How To Check Wheel Bearings Yourself

Why Should You Check Your Own Parts

The wheel bearing is a crucial component of your car. It helps to support the weight of the vehicle and it keeps the tyre in contact with the road. It can often fail without any symptoms, which is why you should be able to diagnose a failed wheel bearing as you will be able to notice it before something worse happens. If you suspect something is wrong and dont have much experience, we always recommend you see a professional. 

This article will show you how to check a car wheel bearing and what can happen if it is not functioning properly.

Wheels taken off car exposing its wheel bearings

How Do They Fail

Wheel bearings are usually found on both sides of your vehicle's wheels, but only one side at a time bears the weight. This means that there are two bearings on each side of your car - two being in the front and two being in the back.

There are many factors that can cause a car wheel bearing to fail. One of the most common causes is rust. Rust forms when moisture gets inside the bearing, which is often caused by dirt and debris collecting on the outside of the wheel.

If you have ever noticed your car shaking or vibrating when driving, it could be caused by a failing wheel bearing. It is important to have this checked as soon as possible because it can lead to more expensive damage such as broken suspension, bent axles and even a blown tyre.

Another common way to see if theres a problem is to find out if the car has a good alignment or not. If the steering wheel is straight, then the alignment is good, if it’s off-center, then there might be a problem with the wheel bearing or tie rod ends. depending on which way your car starys, this could also tell you which wheel bearing has failed.

After you have confirmed that there's no problem with your alignment, take your car for a spin on a smooth surface at high speed (but within the limit) for about 5 minutes, then see if you hear any strange sounds coming from under your car while driving or braking.

How To Check The Wheel Bearing Yourself

Checking the wheel bearing is a simple and easy way to maintain your vehicle.There are a few ways to check a car bearing. Here is the easiest way to do it:

1) Pull off the tyre, and remove the hub cap.

2) Locate the bearing by feeling for it with your hand or pressing down on one of the wheels. It should be in a position where it's easy for you to reach with your hands.

3) If you find that there is no play in the bearing, then there's nothing wrong and you can move on to another part of your vehicle. But if there is any play, then this means that there could be something wrong with it and it needs either tightening or replacing altogether.

4) Visibily looking at it, a bad wheel bearing can be identified by inspecting its outer components and inner workings. If it is visibly damaged, or if it is making unusual noises when rotated, the bearing may need to be replaced. It may also be necessary to replace a wheel bearing if the vehicle has been involved in an accident or has been driven in extreme conditions.

What To Do

If you notice that your wheel bearings are damaged, its propobly best to buy a new one or pair online. Luckily, we sell bearings here at Spares Hut for the best prices and next day delivery. Happy shopping!

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