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How To Tell Which Wheel Bearing Has Failed | Spares Hut

Why Are They Wheel Bearings Important

Wheel bearings are important to the functionality of your vehicle. They provide a smooth ride by keeping the wheels in contact with the ground. They are essential to your vehicle's performance, which is why its important to know the average life of a wheel bearing

How To Identify A Bad Wheel Bearing

It is important to know how to diagnose a failed wheel bearing and replace it as soon as possible. A bad wheel bearing is one of the most common causes of a car's steering pulling in one direction or another. 

There are a few more signs that can indicate a wheel bearing is bad. One of the most common signs is when you hear a loud humming noise coming from the wheels. Another sign is when one of your tires has been consistently making noise for some time.

How To Know Which Wheel Bearing is Bad

If you want to know which wheel bearing has failed, there are two ways to find out. One way is by using an inspection mirror and looking at the hub cap to see if it's damaged or not. The other way is by using a flashlight and checking for oil leaks, which will be coming from the failing wheel bearings. 

The Best Thing To Do About It

If you do find yourself with wheel bearings which have failed your best course of action would be to buythem online. An important thing to note however, is if nothing was done to inflict the wheel bearing failing your probably best to buy a pair of wheel bearings. This is because if they have failed naturally and come to the end of their life. More likely than not they were previously installed together which would mean if one goes the other has or will go soon. 


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