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Full Pricing Guide!

What Is A Brake Caliper

Brake calipers are one of the most important parts from your vehicles braking system, they are hugely responsible for stopping the car. Now what are brake calipers? The calipers squeeze the brake pads against the wheels creating more pressure hence stopping the vehicle.

Image of a brake caliper we sell on our store

Why Are They Important 

It goes without saying if you cant stop the car your more than likely going to have an accident. This is the reason why you must get your brake calipers replaced as soon as you notice an issue. 

Where Can You Buy Brake Calipers

Calipers can be expensive, especially if you go to a machanic. So where can you buy brake calipers? Luckily, here at Spares Hut we offer brake calipers for all car makes and models at the cheapest possible prices. We also provide next day delivery across the whole of the UK. 

This is one of the few reasons why we are one of the leading car part retailers in the UK and we continue to grow! This is for a very good reason, just check out our five star trustpilot reviews

How Much Are Brake Calipers 

The average price of brake calipers is around £35 for one and £68 for the pair, If you buy from the machanic or many other places online this will cost you a lot more.