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Question mark for price next to car wishbones

Car wishbones or commonly reffered to as suspension arms are a crucial part of your vehicles suspension and steering system. Its job is to connect the chassis frame to the wheels of the vehicle which in turn allows sturdier steering and allows more movement in suspension.

How Can They Fail And Why Its Important?

There are many different control arms, however, they all do pretty much the same thing for your suspension. Often depending on what your control arm is made of, they might fail over a period of time. This can be due to a number of reasons such as corrosion from rust, bad roads, going over speed bumps to fast or simply old age. 

If this happens its dire you know how to diagnose an issue. This is because it could also be a matter of saving your suspension as well as other parts in the long run, which isnt worth the extra cash.

So if you fear there might be an issue with your wishbones look out for vibrations in steering, strange noises, any bangs coming from the suspension or off allignment. If your still in doubt, always seek a proffesional so you can fully get it sorted.

How Much Do Wishbones Cost?

One of the main reasons why its imporatnt to diagnose an issue with your suspension arms is the price. The price for wishbones now can be extremely expensive. Prices can range up into the hundreds but average at around £80. This of course depends on the material used to build the control arm and what car you've got. 

How Much Are Wishbones From Spares Hut?

Of course, we couldnt give you an article about the prices of wishbones without promoting our own services. Although we might be biased one of our main strong points is price. Here at spares hut we sell control arms averaging at about £30-50, thats right, almost half the normal average!

So if you are in need of any suspension arms for your vehicle i heavily encourage you to check out our online store and see our huge range as well as other car parts online.