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Car door locks are crucial for the security and safety of your vehicle. They often come in many different shapes and sizes. The lock mechanism is made up of a fixed rotary latch which goes over the lock bracket. The locking of the part is controlled by the actuator mechanism by releasing the lever. 

There are two main types of door locks on a car, mechanical and electromechanical (power locks). The easiest way to compare the two is exactly what the names suggest, one is battery-powered (the power locks) and one doesn't need any battery at all (mechanical).

There are a few common failures with car door locks including corrosion, jamming, becoming loose, mechanical damage or breakage. These can be caused by a number of different reasons such as lack of care, water damage or lack of lubricant. As the door lock mechanism is extremely important for the security of your vehicle it's crucial you know how to identify if its bad, some of the main symptoms include:

  • Excessive play in the lock
  • Odd grinding noises when trying the lock
  • Doors having trouble locking/ Unlocking
  • The door lock jammed
If you find yourself with any of these symptoms in your car the best thing you can do is get the car door lock mechanism replaced immediately. Luckily, here at Spares Hut, we sell a huge range of car door locks for any vehicle and at the cheapest prices online. Check below for our huge range of actuators and door lock mechanisms or use our intelligent search.