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5 Savvy Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance!

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How To Look For Car Insurance

Owning a car is one of the best feelings anyone can have. It offers you freedom, a faster and more convenient way of travel. However, all great things come with their downfalls, one of the biggest cons about owning a car is the running costs. Whether you need to Buy Car Parts, Overload on petrol or pay road tax, nothing comes close to your Car Insurance especially for young drivers.

Firstly, Before you choose an insurance provider, I urge you not to jump the gun too quickly as there are indeed better ways to find cheaper car insurance than just going to the first one you are referred to. I would recommend car insurance comparison sites, this is because they don't just offer car insurance prices, they offer you a selection of all car insurance prices and policies for multiple providers. Therefore, this means you will be able to filter out the best prices and policies.

5 Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

1. Add A Second Driver

When you're applying for your car insurance you will come across the option to add an additional driver. Ultimately If you have an additional experienced driver that you know who needs a car to drive, you might want to take up this option. This allows them to drive your car which might increase overall mileage however it will bring your car insurance down quite a lot.

2. Get A Blackbox

What is a black box in a car?Chances are you've heard about owning a Black box before. This is very common with young drivers as the cheapest policies always come with a Black Box. The Black Box measures things such as speed, cornering, braking and occasionally gives you a curfew which completely takes away the freedom aspect of driving in my opinion, however, if you drive well and don't break any of the rules it will bring the insurance cost down by a significant amount.

3. Take Care Of Your Mileage

Estimated mileage is another section you'll have to fill in while applying for car insurance. This must be a real estimation of how many miles you think you will do in a year. This can be cut down however if you don't take any unnecessary trips and not driving when you don't have to. You'll then be able to put a smaller mileage on your insurance which will result in cheaper car insurance.

4. Set A Higher Excess

While going through the process of getting an insurance policy, You'll come across the option to add an excess cost. This is the cost of the money you'll have to pay if you crash your car. The more excess you put, the less the insurance company has to pay therefore, they will lower your overall insurance cost. Although, this lowers your insurance the downside to this is if you crash you will owe the money you put down meaning it might be even more than what you saved on your insurance.

5. Pay Annually

This all depends on how much you have in the bank ready to spend. When you get to the very end of your insurance you will have the option to pay all for the year or pay monthly. If you have the money and decide to pay annually, this will work out a lot cheaper as you'll receive interest and end up paying a lot more money when the years are over.

Insurance Groups

This is directed more towards new drivers however it is useful that everyone has a good understanding of this. Before you even purchase your first car it is a good idea to check the car insurance groups.This is a list of cars placed in one of 50 insurance groups starting with what should be the cheapest to insure and gradually going up. It's calculated based on car age, reliability, make, speed and costs. If your a new driver considering what car to buy, this is definitely worth a look. According to group A (first group), the cheapest cars to insure are Fiat 500, Ford KA, Citroen C1, Peugeot 107, Toyota Aygo. Check the table Here.

When Would Your Insurance Go Down

This is difficult as it all depends on how old you are, how long you've been driving, and whether you've had a black box. Typically if you start driving at 17 and get a standard insurance policy you should see a dramatic decrease in price after around 2-3 years of no claims. If you get a black box and you drive well, you should expect to see a decrease after around 1-2 years.

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In summary, whether your a young driver or you wanted to save some money on your next renewal I hope this has helped you in the future. In addition, another very expensive addition to owning a car is having to buy car parts. This is where we have you covered, with some of the best quality parts on the market for you and at the very best prices, we encourage everyone to check out our huge selection of parts for your car. What's better? we also offer free 24-hour delivery to anyone who orders before 5pm, Happy Driving!

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