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The Practical Guide Before You Buy An Electric Car

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What Are Electric Cars And Why Are They Becoming So Popular

It's hard to go anywhere now without seeing or hearing about electric cars. It's no secret that in 2021 they've become more popular than ever, but why? Over the past few years the environment has been one of the main causes of concern and with climate change fears on the rise there's been a fast attempt to desperately decrease polution. With that, electric cars were born and continue to grow in popularity, Tesla at the top of the chain have grown to be the most valuable car brand as of 2021 and the owner elon musk has promisd to make it his mission to move away from carbon based fossil fuels and toward renewable energy.

How Much Is The Average Electric Car

Along with their perks, these cars come with a hefty price as the average price for an electric vehicle sits at around £44,000 which is about £20,000 more than its petrol equivalent. The cheapest electric car at the moment is the Skoda CITIGOe iV which you can pick up for about £15,000. If the prices are still a bit too high don't worry, its estimated that withing the next few years the cost of electric vehicles should significantly go down. Also, the older they get the more second hand cars will be on the market for cheaper. The most expensive electric vehicle is the Aspark Owl which is currently worth a staggering £2,670,570!

Where Can You Charge Your Electric Vehicle And How Much Does It Cost

The first obvious aspect of owning an electric car is how it runs. Not containing any fuel brings up the question, where do you charge it? Luckily, as they've begun to popularize more and more, charging points have been added throughout the UK.

Right now you should be able to find a charging point at most service stations and somewhere near your location. All it takes is a single google search and the chances of a charging station near somewhere in the area is very high. Also, you get a standard charger to plug in at home so you can charge the car before every journey for about £10.

This brings up the price of charging. The price can differ but one thing is definitely clear, it is 100% cheaper in the long run. In most public places such as shopping centres or supermarkets charging is often free which is incredible. Rapid charging points are typically around £7 and will charge your vehicle at a supersonic rate.

How Far Can Electric Cars Travel And Which Car Has The Longest Range

The range of an electric car can vary between vehicles, the milage is generally between 100-300 miles which is decent for getting to work and back. Even for road trips depending on where your going and with free or very cheap charging you're sure to get the most out of it. As time goes on the average range of an electric car is going to increase and become even more cost effective. The car with the longest range currently is the Mercedes EQS which travels an impressive 453 miles on a single charge.


Now we've got all the boring stuff out the way, its time to get onto the speed of electric cars. You may be thinking that electric vehicles simply don't have the power to compete with fuel, surprisingly it's the complete opposite. The one thing that separates the two is the acceleration of electric cars. This is simply down to how it's made, electric cars have no engine, gearbox, cogs to go through. Instead, it's just accelerate and go, this makes it very easy to get up to your desired speed Quickly. In fact the Tesla Model S recently broke the 0-60 record with an astonishing 2 seconds.

Image Of Tesla Building


Although electric cars may sound like a complete dream, it's very important to note the disadvantages. The first being that they're more expensive and are only going to lose value through the next few years, there also often more expensive to insure. Also, if you're in a hurry it takes a while to charge occasionally leaving you virtually stranded until you manage to get enough charge.

Now it's time to answer the question would I buy one? If you would like my honest opinion I think if you'd like to get an electric car to wait a couple of years or so. This way you'll be able to get the car at a decent price and gather all the perks out of the very cost efficient charging. One of the main disadvantages about electric cars is that they will lose value a lot faster and I would much rather wait a few years to buy at a decent price than buy one now and sell it for much less when there a lot more to choose from.

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