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Replacement Tail Lights Buying Guide

You can now buy replacement tail lights from our online store here at Spares Hut. Rear lighting is very easy to buy from our store so ill go through it step by step.

What Are Tail Lamps On A Car

Tail lamps on a car are the lights at the very rear of your vehicle, these allow you to be seen in low light or visibility scinarios. This is the reason they're one of the most important car parts on your vehicle, after all no one wants to crash.

How Can You Buy Rear Lights From Our Store?

Image Of Tail Light  

1. Find The Correct Part For Your Car

First you'll need to find the correct auto part, on our site this is easily done with our custom search. This way you dont have to mess around putting reg plates in and selecting different filters. Instead, simply select our custom integrated search and just look up your car make, model, year, what part your after and specify which side or both. This will show a range of items for your vehicle and just select the correct one.

Audi a6 tail light search bar

2. Add The Product To The Cart

Now you've found the correct part and checked if its all correct its time to add it to your cart. Select the button labelled "add to cart" and you should be bought to a shopping cart screen.

shopping cart screen to continue to checkout

3. Continue To Checkout

Now your on the checkout page all you need to do is fill in the correct information into the boxes. This will include name, adress, city and a phone/email adress.

Checkout Page Address

4. Select Delivery

Now you've selected where the item is going its time to select the delivery. If your ordering before 5PM your in luck, if you order before 5PM you get 24 hour delivery on all purchases ensuring you get your vehicle fixed and back on the road as soon as possible.

Delivery Info

5. The Final Hurdle

If youve made it this far congratulations, your at the final hurdle. All you need to do now is add in the payment info of your choice and select purchase. Once this is done, your auto part is going to be processed and sent on the way to you as fast as possible.

Payment info for tail lights

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