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How To Take Care Of Your Cars Wishbones

What Are Car Wishbones? 

Wishbones also known as control arms are an essential car part for your vehicles suspension system. It is used to connect the front wheels to the frame of the car. The one end of the wishbone links to the upper part of the wheel system and the other side links to the lower area of the wheel. The top then connects to the vehicle's framework.

The front wheel is connected and moves via a spindle that the control arm is connected to, on the other side it attaches to the frame of the vehicle by bushings which allow the control arm to move up and down. In the centre is a spring that surrounds a steel coil, this helps to hold and support the weight of your vehicle. The spring also helps protect your vehicle from bumps and potholes.

How To Diagnose a worn wishbone?        Car Wishbone On White Background

As the wishbone is extremely important for your vehicles wheel and suspension system, you would need to know how to diagnose a problem if there ever was one. The first sign that there may be an issue with your wishbones is a vibration in the steering. This happens due to worn ball joints that rattle causing a vibration in the steering.

Another sign that may also be related is any odd noises coming from your vehicle. If you hear any metal or clunking noises it could be worn bushings and ball joints that are getting loose and hitting.

As well as vibration or juddering in the steering you may also experience pulling to one side or the other. This happens because the worn bushings and ball joints can cause the steering to change position resulting in your vehicle drifting to one side.   

How To Take Care Of Your Cars Control Arms?

Now you know how to diagnose an issue with your wishbones, you must know how to take care of your control arms to make them last as long as possible.
Although it sounds easy enough, the first thing you can do is take your vehicle for regular checks. after all when in doubt, leave it to the professionals. Also, you can try to avoid any potholes or bumps at speed.

A huge part of your control arms is the suspension so avoiding any damage or wear due to road damage is a must. Another thing you can do to avoid damage is to keep your tires at the appropriate inflation level. This is because if they are not inflated correctly, it can lead to uneven tire wear and add strain, damaging the suspension.

Another thing that may add extra strain on the suspension is too much weight in your vehicle. Not only is this not ideal for fuel but also can damage the suspension.

What To Do If You Have a Faulty Wishbone?

Although there are things you can do to protect your wishbones, things still can go wrong. If you or someone else can diagnose a fault in your vehicles control arms, you must get them or the issue replaced immediately as it can have very bad consequences.

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