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How To Repaint Your Wing Mirror Cover

Can You Respray Your Wing Mirror?

The idea of repainting a wing mirror cover may be confusing to some people. However, there are people that do this regularly and it does come with its benefits. You can respray them pretty much any colour which makes it a great way to customize your vehicle.

Why Would You Want To respray your wing  mirror?

Being at the widest points of your vehicle it comes with no surprise that wing mirrors get bumped and scratched quite often. Therefore, respraying them will just make your vehicle look a lot cleaner.

As well as helping maintain your wing mirror you can also do this for a more stylish approach. You may want to give your car a better look by painting them Black to match or contrast with your car’s colourway.

How Do You Take The Wing Mirror Covers Off?

Before you start you must take off your mirror covers from the back. To remove the mirror cover firstly you can adjust your mirror glass so that its looking at the floor.

Once you’ve done this pop the mirror glass out of the mirror. Doing this should expose four scissor clips which hold the mirror cover. Get some needle pair pliers and carefully remove these clips, then carefully remove the mirror cover.

How Do You Repaint Your Wing Mirror Cover?

To start with you should use tape to section off any areas you don’t want to respray. Once these areas are sectioned off you can position your mirror cover ready to be sprayed.

Next scuff the surface down using very fine sandpaper. I would also recommend testing your paint on a card or another piece of plastic, you wouldn’t want to use paint that doesn’t match your wanted colour. When your happy with it, spray the mirror covers with a good three coats of spray paint letting them dry in between sprays.

Once dried, smooth down the surface using damp sand paper. After this apply another two coats and leave them to dry. Now your nearly finished, just simply clean the surface and your ready to go. You now have resprayed mirror covers!

Where Can You Buy Wing Mirror Covers?

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