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How To Correctly Maintain Your Vehicle

How To Correctly Maintain Your Vehicle

Owning a car or any other auto vehicle can be a lot of fun. However, it’s not all just drive and go. When owning a vehicle, you need to make sure that you are taking good care and maintaining it in the correct way. If not, this could lead to both a bad driving performance and a  lot more money being put towards auto parts for your vehicle, Luckily we've got you covered. No one wants both a car that drives terribly and a more expensive lifestyle. Try not to worry though as you will soon learn how to correctly maintain your vehicle! 


How To Make Sure Your Car Is Road Ready

First of all, you will need to check that your car is already fit to drive on the road. To start with you can do this by making sure you pass your MOT. Once you’ve successfully passed your mot your car should be ok to take on the road.  Every few months you should always take your car to the local garage to have a check through so they can detect if anything's wrong. It’s always best to know a problem earlier on than later as you will only make it worse and you'll have more time to react.

How to Maintain And Look After Your Tyres

One of the most affected car parts on the car is the tyres. Think about it, What are the only parts that are continuously touching the ground 24/7? The Tyres! As the part is always going at high speeds, driving on rough terrain, and going over sharp objects it is no surprise that the tyres can be easily damaged. So how do you decrease damage? Firstly, You should always check your tyre pressure to see if it’s at the correct level, you can find the recommended level in the vehicle manual. Also, correctly positioning your vehicle when going over speed bumps has its benefits. To do this you simply position the left side of the vehicle closer to the bump. This is because the left side has less weight so you should decrease the feeling of the bump. Doing this can save a lot of wheel and suspension damage. However, make sure that you never move in front of traffic or put any other drivers on the road at risk.

What Are The Three Main Fluids In A Car?

Every now and again you must make sure to check the cars fluid. The three main fluids in your car are:

  • brake fluid which is essential to move the parts of the braking system.
  • The engines oil which keeps your vehicle driving both smoothly and safely. In the car’s engine it lubricates the whole internal unit which reduces friction and wear.
  • The transmission fluid which is just as the name states and lubricates all moving components within your transmission system.

These fluids are extremely important in keeping your car moving and driving safely so once a month you must make sure to check that everything is clean as well as the fluid and replace if necessary. You should also make sure that the fluid is at the correct level and is not too low or too high, filling your fluid above the recommended level can lead to it overflowing.

How To Maintain Your Cars Air Filter

The cars air filter is used to filter any large particles such as pollen, dust or any bacteria and removes them from entering the car. It can also filter out any deadly gases and keeps out the smell. You can check when your air filter needs changing by looking in the vehicle’s manual. However, it is usually every 12,000 miles or so. If you don’t replace your air filter you can expect to experience smoke coming out from the exhaust system, you may be able to smell gas coming from the vehicle and you may endure slower movement and acceleration.

How To Correctly Fuel Your Car

Putting Fuel in your car may seem simple however it is very important that you never use the wrong fuel, and you are always filling it correctly. If you don’t fill your car correctly it can damage your entire fuel system and the fuel pump. The cost replacing the fuel system is extremely expensive which is why you must do it the right way. You can check which the correct fuel for your car is by looking inside the user manual. Once you know the correct fuel to put into your vehicle you must fill it to the correct level you can do this by checking the user manual. If you overfill the car with fuel it can leak across the road and cause a lot of hazards.

Looking After The Coolant System

The coolant system helps to prevent overheating in the engine when the weather is hot and when your car is being overworked. It can also stop your engine freezing during the colder months and in extremely cold conditions. It keeps the engine at the right temperature and atmosphere at all times. It contains a lot of fluid which will need to be replaced after a while. We recommend at least once a year to drain and flush the coolant system. This will make sure that everything is refreshed and will work correctly for a good while before it needs changing again.

Good Luck!

Following these methods correctly you should be able to maintain your vehicle very well and make it last a considerable time longer than normal. However, things can still go wrong, and it is good to make sure that you are getting the best quality car parts that are going to last, that’s where we come in! Here, on our site we have Car parts at the best quality and most competitive prices online. If you are looking for parts that will last, we definitely have what you are looking for.

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