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How Long Do Control Arms Last?

Car wishbone running out of time with time glass

Car suspension arms are a huge part of the main movement to the vehicle, this makes knowing the average longevity of the control arms hugely important. What are suspension arms? Also known as control arms or wishbones are crucial parts of the suspension system. They connect the wheels to the vehicles chassis, this allows suspension movement to each wheel and strudy steering. 

How Can Wishbones Fail

As the part absorbs bumps and judders in the road it comes with no suprise that over time the suspension arm can get worn out. This can happen from a number of different reasons however the most common tends to be going over speed bumps too fast or hitting large pot holes. 

How Long Do Control Arms Last

Suspension arms have to be sturdy however as they're responsible for many parts which allow the vehicle to be mobile. So, if nothing is done to induce the failing of your control arms the average lifespan of the part is about 90,000 to 100,000 miles. So, if your car is reletively new you wont have to worry for a while yet.

How To Tell A Suspension Arm Has Gone

You can usually tell a control arm has gone pretty easily. This is due to the fact of so many parts relying on them, its very hard for it to go unoticed. To diagnose an issue with your vehicles wishbones look out for:

  • Vibrations in the steering wheel when driving
  • Uneven tire wear (make sure to check your tyres regularly)
  • Unresponsive steering
  • Banging noises or other strange sounds while going over bumps
  • Feeling as if the wheel are shaking when driving

Where Can You Buy Control Arms

If you notice any of these symptoms, your vehicle may have a failed control arm. It is highly important you get it replaced as sooon as possible. Dont fear though as we have you covered, here on our store we offer a huge range of suspension arms at the cheapest prices online.

Simply check which wishbone has gone as there are many different control arms on a car, find your vehicle, then place an order. Simple! Along with this we also offer next day delivery if you need the parts ASAP.

So, check out our online store for control arms or any other car spares you might need.

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