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Do Brake Calipers Need To Be Replaced In Pairs?

Pair of brake calipers on green background

What Are They

The brake calipers are made up of two halves that clamp together when they sense pressure from a driver pressing down on their brake pedal. The two halves have pistons inside them that push against each other, which in turn pushes the brake pads against the brake disc which stops the car.

The importance of this part is why you need to know when to replace brake calipers. They can be found at either end of the car’s axle and they are usually made out of steel, aluminium, or cast iron.

Should You Replace Brake Calipers In Pairs

As they wear out over time, which can cause problems with your brakes. If you have problems with your brakes, you should consider replacing the brake calipers as soon as possible. However when this happens should you replace just the one or both calipers on your vehicle?

We always reccommed when replacing brake calipers to replace them in pairs, especially if its gone due to natural wear. This is because they are designed to operate together. So if one goes due to natural causes theres a very good chance the other one has or will fail soon. 

Where Can You Buy Brake Calipers

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