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CAT C, D And N, What Do They Mean On A Car? - Full Insurance Write Off Guide

Damaged Car With All The CAT Categories

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What Are Insurance Write Off Categories?

Theirs No Denying that Insurance is one of the biggest setbacks with driving in the UK. As you get older it offers you protection and coverage. If your a young driver however, it can come at a massive cost and a big part of the cost depends on what car you decide to buy. There are tons of online market places to shop for your next vehicle, as your browsing theirs a strong chance you may come across terms such as Cat C or Cat D. But what exactly does this mean? The actual CAT stands for category (insurance category). sounds simple so far? Stay with me, following is a certain letter (either A, B, S or N) depending on the category type or the type of damage to your vehicle.

How Do You Write A Car Off?

Chances are you've heard the term "written off" before, But What does it actually mean? If you get into a road accident you class the car as a write off if either, Its unsafe, irreparable and cant go on the road or its still able to drive but it is beyond economical repair. If any of these happen, instead of trying to get the car repaired you'll receive a cash payout. Depending on your vehicles worth, it would be labelled an uneconomical repair if the repair cost exceeds the repair-to-value ratio.

Write Off Categories

  • What Does Cat A Mean?
  • A CAT A car means everything must be crushed and not to return to the road again. In fact even Car Parts that are in perfect condition must be scrapped.

  • What Does Cat B Mean?
  • Category B means the body of the car must be destroyed and never to return to the road again. However, some parts if in safe and decent condition can be salvaged and used on the road.

  • What Does Cat S(C) Mean?
  • Previously Called Cat C, Cat S means that the car has suffered structural damage. This is anything that's altered the structure of the vehicle e.g. Twisted and bent chassis, a crumpled zone or broken parts. Category S vehicles can return to driving on the road however they need to be professionally repaired first.

  • What Does Cat N(D) Mean?
  • Formally Cat D, Cat N is where the vehicle has taken damage but not to the structure. The Insurance provider thought that repairing the vehicle was more expensive than buying a new car.

    What Do Insurance Companies Do When Your Car Is Written Off?

    When your car suffers a write off, category A and B vehicles must be crushed and destroyed. although, Cat B vehicles can have parts salvaged if they are in good and safe condition.

    Should You Buy A CAT Vehicle

    Should You Buy A Car That's Had A Write Off?

    So now you know what Insurance write offs are, should you buy a car that has been marked as one? Theirs no going against that a CAT vehicle is sold considerably cheaper than most cars. But now you know the reason is because its been in an accident which has effected whatever the selected category states, its entirely up to you! If price is the main concern then you may want to take the risk and go for a CAT Vehicle, many also argue that as they've been fixed they actually have newer parts. On the other hand if reliability is more of a priority and you want to make sure your getting a quality car, your best avenue is probably to stay clear.

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